The Republic of Congo 2010 / Photo: Kai Freytag

Why ElikiaHope wants to help

In June 2010, 4 members of Elikia Hope made their first trip to the Republic of Congo. Their journey led them right across the entire country, from Brazzaville in the south, to Odzala in the north and to Pointe Noire on the Atlantic coast. The goal of the trip was to get a real impression of conditions in the country and establish initial key contacts. They visited schools, training schools and children's homes, among other institutions.

They came away from every institution with the same impression: despite sporadic help from the church and other organizations, there is a huge need for education at a primary school level as well as for practical guidance for these children’s future professional lives. In addition, learning how to manage a home, look after a garden and carry out basic services, were also skills required. Above all, children in the country need urgent help.

It is particularly important to note that international aid organizations have only a very limited local presence. Any European wanting to provide assistance needs direct contact with local institutions and establishments. Children's homes, schools and hospitals are largely financed by sparse, private funds from local communities and districts and often cannot even afford the most basic assistance. Teachers do not have materials to teach with, hospitals do not have medical equipment, doctors do not have medicine, children's homes do not have proper accommodation facilities and the children living in these homes do not have clothes, furniture or food.

As a result, the non-profit organization ElikiaHope was registered on 5/9/2011